I want to place a customizing order

如果 Apple Inc. 的管理哲學並不是過度追求完美的低成本,容許 Customizing ,我有些東西想要。

iPhone 10”, SDXC, microSDXC slots

iPad Air Mini 4”, iPod Touch???

iPod Touch Nano 6TB, Crossover with Westen Digital, 6TB 3.5” SATA HDD inside, True personal music jukebox

MacBook Pro Air, Slim-up MacBook Pro, similar to Ultrabook

MacBook Air Pro, Dual Channel, more than 8 GB RAM option

Mac Mini Pro, Intel NUC-like

Mac Pro with Antec P series Case, make it look like more professional and easy for expandable



That’s why I hate to buy Apple products.


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