Mozilla Firefox announced they stop supporting Firefox web browser for Windows XP and Vista

Tonight, 14 Mar 2017. Firefox has released a new version 52.0. Sure, Firefox on Windows XP/Vista are also able to obtains this upgrade. At the same time, Firefox users whom still using Windows XP/Vista would be prompted a notice about end of supporting announcement.

Windows XP x64(x86-64bit) and normal x86(32bit) are both prompted an announcement after version 52 upgrade

First start of the version 52. A special tab would be opened with the announcement.

image image

First version of Firefox on Windows XP era

Firefox were released in Sep 2002 while the Windows XP has became popular. Firefox is developed by Mozilla Foundation. The origins of the foundation is Netscape. FIrefox could be assumed as one of the replacement of Netscape Communicator Suite 6 or 7.

Relationship between SeaKMonkey project and Camino project


In 2006, Mozilla Foundation decided to focus on several standalone projects, such as Firefox (Web browser) and Thunderbird (Mail Client software). Full set of Communicator Suite were discontinued. Therefore, a community-based driven project continue the Communicator Suite development, which named SeaMonkey. SeaMonkey keeps the most traditoinal Netscape-style user interface. The main components include web browser, Mail client (For email, Newsgroup uses NNTP protocol, and IRC Chat Room), and a web page editor called Composer. Those components uses the Netscape Communicator Suite component names.

The architecture of SeaMonkey web browser are almost same as Firefox web browser. User can port Firefox Addons to SeaMonkey web browser easily even the Addons does not provide SeaMonkey version.

Screenshot of all components inside the SeaMonkey Communictor Suite

Netscape Communicator Suite version 6

[Screenshot is not yet prepared]
Netscape Communicator Suite version 7

Netscape Communicator Suite 4.7

The last version of Netscape web browser
[A funny web page shows latest photo about the Netscape Bullding and a little bit history about Netscape]


Camion project was being developed as a Mac OS X native version of Mozilla based on Mac Native Cocoa  APIs. It has integrated several OS X services and features. Initial release in 2002. The project has been stopped in 2012.

Firefox stop supporting Windows XP/Vista announcement

FireShot Screen Capture #003 - 'Important - Firefox is ending support for Windows ___ - Mozilla Support Community' - support_mozilla_org_t5_Install-an 

Extended Support Release (ESR) schedule []


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