90s style full-size keyboard

Vintage PC Building

I hope to build a NEW vintage PC. I want to do this project since year 2015. All parts are almost ready, but something is still missing.

  • Vintage PC Case, obtained recently. Thanks for a group member on a popular PC DIY group on Facebook. I got a vintage case with free of charge.
  • Keyboard, purchased recently from Amazon. It is a brand new full-size keyboard with 90s style.

90s style keyboard

Classic IBM 100% Compatible PC AT Keyboard form factor.
90s Style keyboard, but it come with Win8/10 era Windows Logo.
Long Time No See too the Basic Editing Keys and Numeric Keypad Keys

A little bit problem of full-size keyboard usage in year 2021

Since 2007, I started to use Ultrabook PC (Full featured Slim Notebook PC), SONY VAIO TZ first gen.. Sure, it is a 11.1″ 16:9 screen form-factor Ultrabook PC. The device body is small. Therefore, it is come with a small form factor keyboard that just fit for my large hands. I can typing on it with conform, especially on blogging. Heavy duty on typing ability is my major requirement on computing device purchase decision making too.

Ultrabook PC keyboard layout must added a magic key, “Fn”. The “Fn” key refer to several specialized Shortcuts that let user to control the PC quickly, such as,

  1. Fn + Up, = PageUp key
  2. Fn + Down, = PageDown key
  3. Fn + Left, = Home key
  4. Fn + Right, = End key
  5. Fn + Right Ctrl, = Right-click key
  6. Fn + F1~F12, = Several Web/Email shortcuts, Multimedia related shortcuts, Volume Up/Down, Play/Pause/Next track/Mute, PrintScreen, Scroll Lock, Break, etc… (Depends on different models design)

The layout of those Non-full size keyboard always like this:

On Left-bottom corner,
[LeftCtrl] [Fn] [Win/SuperKey(Linux)] [Alt] [Space] on US Layout. Or [LeftCtrl] [Fn] [Win/SuperKey(Linux)] [Alt] [無変化] [Space] on JIS Layout.

After several years life with the Ultrabook PC, my figures able to operates on keyboard that without numeric keys section (look like a calculator portion) and basic editing keys (e.g. Insert, Delete, Home, End, PageUp, PageDown, Up, Down, Left, Right) sections very happy. “Fn” + xxx key operation are also quick enough seems same as using full-size keyboard.

Then, I started to change all keyboards to small form factor since 2011. No full-size keyboard any more about ten years!

Today, the full-size 90s style keyboard arrived. Open the box and try to use it to typing this Blog Post! Something not conformable, something going wrong!

  1. No “Fn” key
    Press the Win Key usually, but I just want to press Fn + …
    Press the Alt Key usually, but I just want to press Win Key…
  2. Individual Numeric Keypad section and Basic Editing Keys are all available for me to press them directly
    I still want to press Fn + Left for Home, Fn + Up for PageUp, etc
  3. F1~F12 keys are just F1~F12 keys without any other additional feature

    Mute/Play/Pause/…, Oh No, I need to operate it on another keyboard or use the mouse to click on appropriate buttons on software GUI to do so…
  4. The typing noise is interesting, memories recallable, break to 90s feeling, but really noisy…


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