Special Cooling Fan with Heatsink for Vintage PC Built

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Purchased a special CPU Cooling Fan recently

1994-1997 & 1999-2003: Socket 7 or Socket 370

CPU Cooling Fan standard always changes time by time that depends on different CPU Manufactories’ marketing strategy, which may the industry hope to push their customer to buy more new hardware parts to work with the new CPU products.

On the long CPU history, Socket 7 is the massive popular CPU Socket standard back to the time between 1994 to 1997. The first CPU product line that support Socket 7 is Intel Pentium CPU (P5 core with 2.5v power supply design). Due to the best selling result of Pentium MMX CPU, and other CPU brands produced compatible CPU models at the same time, Socket 7 become a standard on almost every single motherboard at that time. Therefore, CPU Cooling Fan products for Socket 7 are also produced mass quality to the market by many computing cooling products brands. Customer can spend a little bit budget to choose an alternative fan to replace the stock cooling fan that come with the CPU package box while they are building a new DIY PC.

Second Life of Cooling Fan for Socket 7

Cooling Fan For Socket 7 is not only served the Socket 7 CPU. Few years after the Socket 7 already phased out, Socket 370 for Pentium III type B or type EB CPU is working with the same specification of cooling fan. The cooling fan mounting method are also same as the Socket 7 design.

If people hope to build Socket 7 or Socket 370 CPU based vintage PC nowadays, buying one Socket7/370 compatible Cooling Fan could fit for both Socket Platforms. It sound interesting.

What brand is still produces Socket7/370 Cooling Fan products?

Few of, very few of manufactories could be choose nowadays. StarTech is a common choice if you want to obtain one. Several models are still available on Amazon.com. The price is acceptable and reasonable on my point of view. Just similar to buy a new cooling fan for a 2021 PC platform as a alternative cases.

StarTech FANP1003LD – TX3 and LP4 combination CPU Cooling Fan for Socket 7/370

For the size and cooling performance balance consideration, I choose TX3 for my vintage PC build finally.


  • Small size: 50x50x41 mm
  • Aluminum heatsink
  • 50mm ball bearing fan
  • Solid metal retention clip
  • Fit for all Socket 7 CPU cooling solution
  • Fit for Celeron CPU (Pentium III era) cooling solution (under 500Mhz)

If you want to build a Pentium III system that near or over 500MHz, you should not use this model, e.g. Copper metal heatsink model, FAN3701U by StarTech.


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